Hungry Shark Evolution: Best Android Game

Hungry Shark Evolution Big Daddy and Megalodon

The Hungry Shark Evolution Game is an exciting aquatic action game by Future Games of London. The current version is the fifth in the Hungry Shark series, which first came out in October 2012.

To play this game, you take possession of a very hungry shark. Though you start small, you will not stay that way for long as you eat anything you can to survive and grow. You could feed on sea creatures like turtles and fish. But you are hungry enough to also jump in the air and guzzle any unwary pelican. Even any human swimmers you find is fair game.

The more you devour whatever you can, the more the meter that indicates your health and stamina goes up and up. If you are smart enough to feed safely and gain coins, you evolve to shark level of a Tiger shark, a Hammerhead and so on. Slowly, you could become a dominant predator in your aquatic world.

However, the meter could go down if small you endanger yourself near bigger sharks or you mess with the octopus or the venomous jellyfish. Other lurking dangers to your survival include mines and submarines. It is game over if the meter gets to zero.

By bumping into sea shells during the game, assignments are created for you to complete. You gain coins by completing these missions successfully. As the quantity of coins you accumulate grows, your Hungry Shark upgrades in shark level. Also, you use the experience you gain from these missions to increase your ability to survive or you can apply hungry shark evolution cheats for minimum survival.

Altogether, this is a fun game that helps you explore the beauty of the aquatic world from different levels. The rich sensory experiences range from that of possible annihilation as a hungry little shark to that of a feared deep sea predator. The Hungry Shark Evolution Game is quite entertaining.

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